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Vuze Templates

About Vuze

Under the name of Vuze BitTorrent client Azureus comes with a completely redesigned interface.

For some time Azureus comes under the name Vuze new honors. Under an interface similar video portals like YouTube, users receive previews of the films on offer. Thematic channels and chart lists provide a better overview.

Still included: All the features of Azureus . The extensively equippedFreeware offers all important functions to quickly get to the desired files. Multi-Download, set priorities, preview, IRC client, statistics function

In addition, you can use the program with numerous plug-ins expand. Thus Vuze starts on your system, you need the Java runtimes installed

You can also use variousĀ Vuze templates to freshen up the interface

Fast downloads

Vuze starts everyone because everything is accessible very quickly in the software interface. The action is divided into 3 distinct phases: search, download, watch . The tools for the program are integrated Vuze. To you the torrents leading to legal files!

Vuze remains faithful to the qualities that his notoriety: high setting to make the most of your bandwidth, good customization options, variety of statistics … It also includes an RSS reader to be constantly aware last torrents available on the Vuze network.

Integrated search engine

Vuze is a search engine for torrent files, which brings together under one interface results Many websites may lead to an acceptable result. These are presented in two forms: Web for conventional pages found on Bing , Meta for torrents downloads found several dedicated sites.

Download torrents is performed simply. Clicking on the name of the desired file leads you to the web page in question. It remains only to click on the download button to send the file in the list of acquisitions of Vuze.

But that’s not all: Vuze is not a simple download manager. It also allows to play audio files and video in a player compatible with HD . An engraving tool is available to create DVD in PAL or NTSC, with one or more files.

Vuze also includes a conversion tool for video files that can adapt files uploaded to the range Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or any other type of USB connected smartphone.

Polyvent and customizable, but also very greedy

Vuze, Azureus or for older, more than one trick up his sleeve. This program is customizable, easy to use and quite effective when it comes to finding legal files. His problem is the bandwidth consumption that slows down your PC.

Look also at the side of Veoh TV and Joost to find other alternatives.


  • Important video provides a click away
  • Beautiful interface, more convenientĀ configuration options
  • Support for plug-ins

The lessers

  • Memory consumption
  • Not enough good videos

The Vuze Templates we offer are of the highest quality, so download them today